Capital Iftar Bazar, an iftar bazar in Baily road Dhaka


Description of Capital Iftar Bazar, Baily Road

Bailey Road within the capital has become one in every of the foremost well-liked spots to shop for iftar things from thanks to the variability of food things it offers.

Not as recent because the market in Chawkbazar that sells iftar things get in the open. The Iftar market on Bailey Road offers completely different food things in retailers. several believe Bailey Road was the pioneer of commercialism iftar things in retailers. Which makes it easier for purchasers to decide on and buy the product.

People buy variety of iftar items in Capital Iftar Bazar

Mohammad Alam came all the means from Narayanganj to shop for food from Bailey Road for iftar.

Although the trip was long and exhausting, he believes it had been worthwhile for the iftar things the place offers.

“I bought reshmi dish, a beef dish, and Department of the Interior bora for iftar as these are my family’s favorite,” he said.

Jesmin Rashid came from Banani to shop for a mutton roast, chicken roast, and chicken curry from Bailey Road.

Like Alam and Jesmin, many consumers from totally different components of the capital of Bangladesh. And its outskirts defy hold up and different obstacles to come back to Bailey Road to shop for their iftar.

Many items found in this place

“Now we tend to sell around a hundred things, as well as reshmi shish kebab, beef kebab, suti kebab, grill chicken, lamb roast, Kima Parata and tana Parata,” he said.

Ilias Sharif, manager of Skylark, spoke regarding the distinctive food things they provide, as well as chicken finger sticks.

Room workers of Red Court, Md Haydar, aforesaid their special things embrace dish, dai burinda, and chicken balls.

“My kids like iftar things from Bailey Road thus I am going there to shop for iftar each Ramadan,” aforesaid Kohinoor Alam Kakoli, a resident of Shantibagh.

A huge sell in a day

The retailers at Bailey Road sell quick foods throughout the year. However, throughout Ramadan, they grow to be iftar mercantilism retailers

People currently are becoming won’t to taking iftar outside. Not just for being stuck in the hold-up. However conjointly for locating a happening of sharing and get-together with friends. And expensive ones, breaking quickly with special meals.

In Dhaka town, the primary name that involves mind once it involves taking iftar outside is recent Dhaka’s Chawkbazar. Folks rush there to relish ancient dishes. However, they not perpetually positive regarding hygiene maintained there.

To address the perplexity long-faced by folks in search of healthful foods with barely of tradition, outlets marketing iftar things at Bailey Road is an alternate. Here, in contrast to Chawkbazar, iftar delicacies don’t seem to be sold-out within the open whereas the range of food is overwhelming.

The outlets at Bailey Road sell quick foods throughout the year. However, throughout Ramadan, they change into iftar marketing retailers. Variety of famous outlets area unit there that are marketing iftar since the Eighties.

During a visit to the realm, around a hundred sorts of iftar things were found marketing at the outlets. Among them area unit Beef shish kebab, Doi Bora, Beef Stick, Mutton Stick, Deshi Roast, Piece Roast, Mutton Leg Roast, Chicken Curry, Lamb Roast, Halim, Suti Kebab, Grill Chicken, Kima Parata, Tana Parata, Jail Kebab, dish, Chicken escallop. And Reshmi shish kebab.

People visit not only this place

People not solely from Bailey Road and its encompassing space. However conjointly from alternative elements of the town area unit situation the outlets there to shop for their favorite dishes.

Abdur Rahman, 50, came from Mirpur space to shop for iftar things for his family. Reproof Dhaka apse, he said: “Few years agone I’d typically head to Chawkbazar to shop for iftar for my family. except for the last 3 years, I have been shopping for after things from this place as these foods area unit healthful compared to those sold-out in alternative places of the town.”

“I have bought Shahi Jilapi and Special Halim at the side of alternative iftar things. My daughters love Jilapi,” he said, smiling.

People’s review

Rahela Muhammadan from Shantinagar, WHO bought Reshmi dish, Beef Kebab, Mutton Leg Roast, and Chicken Grill, said: “Since 2005, we’ve got been shopping for iftar things from this market. though the worth here is no bit high, we tend to purchase from here because the food things square measure delicious and smart for health.”

Faisal Alam, a personal job holder from Tikatuli, came here to shop for iftar things for a celebration along with his friends.

He said: “We [he and his friends] square measure progressing to have our iftar get-together at our mess [rented house wherever they live in] these days. That’s why I have returned here to shop for a variety of things. These foods square measure far better because the sellers square measure careful concerning quality.”

Sharfuddin, the owner of Capital Iftar Bazar at Bailey Road, claimed that he was the primary to begin commercialism iftar things in a very store around thirty years past.

“Now we tend to square measure commercialism quite a hundred things as well as a variety of distinctive iftar things like Chicken Finger Sticks,” he said.

Deepu Ahmed, manager of Nawabi Voj, another common iftar frequent Bailey Road, same that they were commercialism around fifty iftar things at their look having ninety employees.

Traditional Dhaka

“We are giving delicious iftar things with the style of recent Dhaka’s tradition likewise as new Dhaka’s luxury. That’s why folks from totally different components of town likewise as outside Dhaka square measure coming back here to shop for iftar dishes,” he said.

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